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Doc Watson - Acousticart

"I like pretty little songs - simply done, down-to-earth, with something to say."
Doc Watson

"And so do we."

Acoustic Links

Some friends, some great music and some cool services.
Here are some links that we hope you'll enjoy.

Jack Lawrence   One of the finest flat pickers & singers. Great guy and an Acoustic Club favourite.
Steve Kaufman    As a picker, performer and instructor, Steve just can't be beat.
Doc Watson    Doc doesn't like to be called "The Legendary...", but, let's face it, it's true.

Magico speakers  Synergistic Research Acoustic Systems, synergistic research cables and more at Scott Walker Audio.
Avandel Guitars  Custom built guitars from Carmathenshire, West Wales from Russell & Sheila Rose.

Kevin Brown  Slide Guitar, Blues player & songwriter. We hope to see Kevin down here soon.

The Wiyos   Michael, Parrish & Joseph recently put on a great show here, check them out.

Sore Fingers  There's no better place to go for workshops, informal picking, & concerts.
Debby McClatchy    Always one of the most popular performers around, and a regular visitor here.

Kate Lissauer & The Buffalo Gals Some great old time music & dancing.
Clive Gregson    Now living in Nashville TN, Clive is one of the very best English songwriters.
Dan Crary    Another of the hot pickers.
Tom, Brad & Alice   A trio of the best in old time music.
Michael Reno Harrell    We like Michaels' songs and performing, a lot. Check him out.
Jeff Barbra & Sarah Pirkle    Jeff and Sarah write and play real country roots music.
Laura Boosinger    More old time music at it's best.
Eddie Pennington    For lovers of good Travis picking, Eddie is the tops.

FOAOTMAD   Friends of American old time music and dance. Great music. Fine organisation.

Dee Hallett   Dee does a huge amount to support folk & country music, her newsletter is a must-have.
The Cornish Bluegrass Association    A great local success, make sure to check out this site.
Gallagher Guitars    Don Gallagher makes real good guitars down in Wartrace TN.

Charlie Boston   Creating original bluegrass music written in Britain - some fine recordings
Rob Jewell   A fine photographer for all your promotional requirements, recommended.
The Audio Loft    Ron Angus is recommended for all your recording and mastering needs.
Kidz R Us    The Acoustic Club uses the St.Ives Theatre - home of Kidz R Us - for great concerts.

St.Ives Entertainment & Info  A new online guide to what's good & happening in St.Ives.